Hotel Gallery - Seohyeon, Seoul

Each photo is a link to a bigger version of itself.
Over the road from the hotel looking from the opposite street corner.

Taken from the same street corner as above, looking left up the high street (Seohyeon-dong).

Taken from the same street corner, but facing away from the hotel, looking up the opposite side street. Note the alley at the end of the side street.

Walking along the side street there is a barber shop on the left, empty now, it's thriving in the evenings. You can see the van from the previous photo reflected in the window. You can also spot the aircon unit and a homemade shower-proof, drop-proof speaker system :-)

At the end of the side street, looking left. The streets are quiet and the egg delivery man is dropping of his wares. Look at the tall glass building in the left of the picture, we'll see it again soon!

Looking up the alley at the end of the side street. An owner of one of the many cafes is cleaning up and preparing for the day's trading.

A typical looking Korean cafe. You can see the menu with dishes ranging between 5000 and 7000 won (about 3 to 4 pounds). At the cafe next door there are crates of empty 'soju' bottles. Soju is a traditional Korean drink.

Through the alley there is a large plaza with many shops. This picture shows the view to the right as you reach the end of the alleyway. See how different shops on different floors advertise on the outside of the buildings.

Crossing the plaza, turning around and then looking back to the left. You can see more shops and, at the right of the picture, the entrance to the alleyway we've just come from.

Standing in the same place as before and looking to the right. You can see the entrance to the Samsung Plaza. It has designer label clothes cosmetics and department stores as well as business locaions. Does anything in the skyline look familiar :-)

That's all for now!